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At Egg, we envisage a world where creative and captivating design does more than make communication memorable. It can be informative while telling a unique story, it can enrich communities and serve business, it can inspire and be enjoyed.

Meet the Team

We're a multidisciplinary team of thinkers, designers, coders.

Martin Knight

Eggs Benedict

Rowena Kelly

Fried Egg

Lewis Murphy

Scrambled Egg

Sarah Taiwo

Easter Egg

Judit Gal

Poached Egg

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We believe in the innate human potential — to create and give birth to ideas; to shape our surroundings and solve problems; to connect and communicate with each other in caring ways; to relish learning in a spirit of play and exploration; to find and create meaning in our lives; and to bring it all together into a beautiful unified whole.

  • Empathy

    Understanding what makes people tick is at the core of our business. We want to get to the heart of the matter and provide experiences that speak to the human in us all. We appreciate that people’s lives are challenging and messy and so we try to understand, brighten up and sort things out whenever we can.

  • Story

    At Egg we believe in the importance of storytelling as a means of offering substance, order and simplifying the complex. It's through storytelling, we believe our content can become richer, more relatable and memorable. Every idea has a story, lets work together in discovering yours.

  • Play

    Play and fun are core pillars of our values. It's often when we're enjoying ourselves that our ideas have space to roam and breathe, thus stimulating the imagination and creativity we invest in each or your digital stories.

  • Design

    A well-designed digital presence immediately conveys that we care about the stories we're highlighting and in return aims to stimulate clients though strong branding and minimal well thought-out design.

  • Meaning

    Viktor Frankl once said that "the meaning of life is to give life meaning". We make it our business to create meaningful works and experiences that go beneath the surface and touch something deeper in us all.

  • Symphony

    Bring it all together

    It's in binding and adhering to these core values in our everyday that we we believe we can better listen, understand and realise your digital vision.

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