Judit Gal

UI/UX Designer

I am Judit, a passionate UI/UX/Visual Designer with a proven ability to develop and execute concepts from start to finish. I have a solid understanding of user scenarios while designing for user flows.I practice user centered design principles basing design decisions on user needs and business goals.

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I have a passion to make the complex simple, shape behavior, design, plan, and strategize. I aim for the best user experience, all the while balancing the needs of business and technology to create successful and elegant digital products and experiences.What makes me stand apart is my unique blend of UI and UX design experience, my skills as a professional interior designer, and my passion for effective website design.I leverage these skills to create dynamic UI/UX designs for site visitors

As part of creative and interactive team,I have worked with Pat the Baker team to redesign their website and create of the promotional Expo Folder. These project demonstrated my ability to assess user needs, task workflows, and information architecture; develop workflows, wireframes, interactive prototypes, and graphics or icons.

I believe in a knowledgeable [always learning], honest and open approach to web design. When you stop learning is when you become irrelevant. Honesty protects both the business, as well as the client. Communication is imperative to both, delivering a quality product and staying efficient in your work.

My goal is to ship beautiful experiences.

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